It’s been a bit since I have posted on the blog. Life changes and moves along and sometimes the focus has to be offline. Since May we’ve adopted Jayne, sold our house in the city, moved about an hour outside of the city and finally are settled in!

Jeff and I always swore to each other we’d never adopt a puppy because puppies are a lot of work and all that. But sometimes a dog (or puppy) comes into your life and the connection you have with that dog is powerful. This was the case with Jayne. She came into our lives at a random, chaotic time. We were in the process of selling our house, finding a new house and planning a move. This adorable, bouncy, happy, sweet puppy with a busted leg (that ended up needing to be amputated) fit in our chaos perfectly. She loved her ‘foster’ siblings before they officially became her siblings, and she loved Jeff and I before we agreed to call her our own. Even before we saw her through the hind leg amputation we knew she wasn’t going anywhere. Jayne was home from the moment she walked in our door.

What we never expected from Jayne was the bond she and Mylah formed. While we jokingly called them the twins because they look alike, they are weirdly similar in their characteristics,  likes and dislikes. Mylah also LOVES to play with Jayne. Mylah doesn’t love all dogs either because when she doesn’t feel well other dogs don’t understand she wants to be left alone. Jayne knows when to stop and go off on her own, or when it’s rest time with Mylah. Mylah has also never been a snuggler with other dogs – she will snuggle with Jayne. 🙂

So, we adopted Jayne and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! She brings so much joy to all of our lives. Jayne was a city girl for a short while – she and the rest of her siblings are now country dogs. Our new house is about an hour outside of downtown Chicago and we love it. It’s quiet, surrounded by nature, marshes, forests, farms, so many birds and critters (snakes, too!). We have a beautiful flower garden, I started a mini-herb garden and will have a full-blown veggie garden next summer.

The best part about the new house? The dogs have their own kitchen. Yep, their own refrigerator, microwave, prep table, eating area… it is amazing on so many levels!!

Speaking of food for dogs… I have a new service that I created out of demand for it. Raw or home cooked recipes for dogs. Yes, I will formulate completely balanced and nutritionally adequate recipes for your dog’s specific needs. I am super excited to help people with their dog’s nutritional needs and pass along my knowledge as a DIY ‘cookin’ dog mom! Check out the recipes page here. 

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