This post is sponsored by NomNomNow, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. I only partner with companies I truly believe in. My dog Hudson loves this food and I am excited to share our experience with other pet parents!

I told you about NomNomNow a few weeks ago and wanted to write a follow-up blog post about how Hudson’s experience eating NomNomNow has been. There are five major benefits I’ve seen in Hudson after being fully transitioned to NomNomNow’s Chicken Chow Wow.

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Here’s why:

Serving the food is SO easy: NomNomNow’s food comes freshly prepared, not frozen, but I do freeze the portioned packets of food to maintain freshness. I take a frozen packet from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator for 12 hours to defrost. I tear the top of the sealed package and put the food in Hudson’s food bowl and throw away the packaging. That’s it. Zero mess and SO easy.

Hudson is getting all the nutrients he requires: With NomNomNow, Hudson eats his protein, veggies, and carbs that are healthy and species-appropriate for him. He’s getting amazing nutrients from the food including added omega-3s and vitamins. Here’s what’s in the Chicken Chow Wow.

The food is helping his skin: In the first blog post I wrote I was looking forward to this helping his skin, it has! His coat is soft and shiny. His skin allergies have been easier to control as a result!

The food is helping his digestion: TMI coming here, but it’s important. Dogs should really only poop once, maybe twice a day, and you don’t want your dog to have massive stools. Their stools should be smaller and compact. That means your dog’s food has a lot of nutrients they are absorbing. You see this kind of stool when your dog is being fed a nutritious raw or home-cooked diet. You’ll know your dog’s digestive system is working well if their poops are like this and limited to once a day! That’s what is happening with Hudson while eating NomNomNow’s Chicken Chow Wow.

I don’t worry about over or under feeding him: NomNomNow’s food packets are perfectly portioned for his weight and energy levels. In the past, I have overfed Hudson which is not good for his overall health. You don’t have to worry about over or under feeding your dog with NomNomNow. Feeding your dog NomNomNow is stress-free and that is an amazing thing!

Update 2019: while we did see improvement with Hudson’s skin for a little while after feeding the chicken, he developed sensitivities to chicken in general 🙁 I did a stress scan to determine what his food triggers are so I could feed him the best way possible! Currently I feed my other two dogs Jayne and Meatball (foster) NomNomNow as they do not have food sensitivities and they are LOVING it. Coats are continuing to be in perfect shape, abundance of energy and great stools 🙂

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