NRC Nutrient Requirements for Adult & Senior Dogs

Find out your dog’s NRC nutrient requirements using your dog’s metabolic weight. If you are interested in learning more about metabolic weight and how to calculate it, visit this blog post. You do not need to visit the blog post to use the calculator below – it does all the work for you! To use the calculator follow these steps: 

1. Use the lbs to kg converter by entering your dog’s weight in lbs which will automatically give you your dog’s weight in kg

2. Copy and paste your dog’s weight in kg into the daily nutrient requirement portion of the calculator, press enter and you have your dog’s nutrient requirements based on the NRC!

3. Scroll all the way down and email the requirements to yourself so you have a copy

Please note this calorie calculator is for healthy adult and senior dogs only – not puppies.


lbs to kg converter


(Press enter after putting in your dog's weight in kg)

All inputs are required.

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