It is no secret I love Instagram – it’s how I got my start in this whole blogging and owning my own pet business world. BUT I will tell you that there is a secret weapon that I find many bloggers don’t understand and therefore goes under the radar and unused. That secret weapon is Pinterest. If you have an online business, particularly a blog, particularly a pet blog you should be utilizing Pinterest. Pinterest done the right way will equal success.

But how do you measure success from Pinterest? Simply put, web traffic. Once I started implementing a strategy for Pinterest into my blog posts my traffic grew by over 100%. I went from getting 3,000 page views a month to over 20,000 in my first full year.  Now in my second full year I recently just hit over 50,000 page views and that is all thanks to Pinterest and referral sites who found me on Pinterest. All it takes is one solid, strategically placed pin.

You have to understand Pinterest before you use it effectively. The reason I scoffed at Pinterest in my early blogging months was because I never took the time to understand it. Pinterest isn’t like Instagram Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest is not a social media platform – it is a database. Once you understand that you will think of it in a completely new light. Keywords matter, photography and a good headline make all the difference. Pinterest is not a simple as just pinning a photo on there and waiting for it to go viral – that won’t happen. You have to use the proper pin size and a solid layout that makes your pin easy to read and compelling.

This is the format I utilize for all my pins. I create them in because it is super simple and they have the correct size ready to go. But keep in mind a viral pin is only as good as your content and where that pin directs to. If the pin directs to a website that is all over the place you better be ready for some serious drop off rates. Users won’t stick around if your website doesn’t align with what the original pin represents. Consist branding for your blog is ultimately key.

I want you to also consider why Pinterest is so important for those of us in the pet industry. It’s because people are always searching to find solutions to their pet problems. Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest late at night on the hunt for answers to a pet-related issue? I have done it! So use that secret weapon, my friends! I promise you will thank me for it 🙂


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