Plantain is a such a fun and useful natural option for bug bites and stings that your dog (or even you!) might encounter. You can have plantain oil on hand like I do, or use straight plantain leaf from the ground. The plant itself is all over and can be found in almost any climate.

The reason plantain is such a great all-natural option is because it’s an astringent which means it draws out the excess inflammatory fluid from inflamed tissue and heals as a result. It’s an all natural healer and anti-inflammatory and can be used to flush out bug bites, stings, poison ivy, or used on top of the irritation to heal.

Make a Plantain Poultice

Poultice means: a soft, moist mass of material, typically of plant material or flour, applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation and kept in place with a cloth.

To make the poultice pick a bunch of plantain plant and chew or grind up some leaves and apply them right on the affected area of your dog’s skin.

Plantain Oil

This is the plantain oil I use!*

Use the oil along with some distilled water to flush out any bites or skin irritations, or place 1-2 drops directly on the affected area. Plantain oil also feels cool and soothing when directly applied. It relieves any itching as a result.

*The information published is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. Always seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional when in doubt. Please read my full disclosures for more information. *affiliate link meaning I receive a teeny tiny and appreciated commission.


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