The Happy Dog Podcast

The Happy Dog Podcast is designed to bring you ideas and uplifting information to help you live a meaningful and fulfilled life with your dog from a holistic perspective. Let’s explore the world of a happy dog! 

Ep 011 Eastern Food Therapy for Our Pets with Marney Prince

After 8 years as a Vet Tech in a western veterinary practice, Marney pursued a path to study natural nutrition for small animals and Traditional Chinese food therapy. By combining the knowledge from all these sources, Marney has been able to create healing, whole food...

Ep 007: Using Essential Oils Safely with Dogs

As a certified Animal Aromatherapist, I am dedicated to using essential oils safely with animals. Some would be shocked to know that is actually unpopular with a lot of the mainstream essential oil users. I approach using essential oils with animals from a place of...

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