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You know we are usually outside or at the lake, most days during the summer and the dogs are constantly swimming or getting messy in the yard. With big dogs, it’s tough to give them a bath inside and dry them – it’s always a mess. My husband and I either give them a bath with the hose, which isn’t ideal because you can’t control the temperature and it’s too much water flow and we end up with soap suds all over. The other option is to take them somewhere which also isn’t ideal for us. Hudson gets super stressed out at a public dog wash so this is also really not a good option. Thankfully, I was introduced to the BISSELL BarkBath, a PORTABLE bathing system! I was hired by BISSELL to try the BarkBath and give my full review of using the system.

I have a video below on how to use it so be sure to read through the entire post to watch the video!

The BarkBath is perfect for trips and life with three dogs. I used the BarkBath right in my basement on Hudson and Mylah after they played outside and got smelly and dirty. Using the BarkBath inside your house is awesome because it’s a no-mess system. That’s right, you are literally bathing your dog with the nozzle head all at once without a ton of water use or a soapy mess. The nozzle head suctions up the water and shampoo mix that is washing your dog’s coat all at the same time. After a day of swimming at the lake, we came home and gave Izzy a bath right in the backyard. 

Once you get your BarkBath, it’s easy to setup and use. The BarkBath no-rinse shampoo that comes with it, and goes in the system, smells so good and refreshes your dog’s coat. You put the shampoo in the bath tool and then connect that to the rest of the system. I created a video that shows the setup and how I used it inside my home and in the backyard. 

Watch the full review below!

Before I started to use the machine on each dog I let them get used to the noise of it by turning it on for about a minute and just letting them sniff it out. I then introduced the nozzle head to them so they could sniff it. My dogs are pretty patient and warm up to things quickly if introduced slowly. If your dog is anxious or nervous around new machines like this, BISSELL created a video to help anxious dogs get used to the BarkBath, click here.

You can purchase your own BarkBath to keep your dog clean by clicking here! I highly recommend if you are on the go with your pets, or prefer to bathe your dog yourself that you have this in your house. It’s also great for dogs who get stressed out going out of the house for bathing (like my guy, Hudson).


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