Therapeutic Recipe for an Allergy Dog – Limited Ingredients


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“My dog is itchy and can only tolerate a few ingredients and I want to help them feel better with the right nutrition.”

This service listing is for allergy dogs who require a limited ingredient diet based on an elimination diet or allergy scan. Once you purchase the service you’ll be contacted so I can learn more about your dog via a detailed online questionnaire. For this recipe formulation, it is important to know or be willing to figure out the specific foods that cause your dog to ‘flare’. If you do not know what foods might be triggering I can guide you in an elimination diet or refer you to the scan I feel is most appropriate for your dog. I will review the questionnaire and reach out to you with any additional questions I have so I can formulate the best recipe for your dog!

*Please allow 24 hours to receive a confirmation email with the receipt and the instructions for filling out the questionnaire to get the recipe formulation process started, contact if you do not receive this email*


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