I’m so excited to share my interview with Sarah Lauch from Live Like Roo Foundation and the Raise the Woof podcast. I share a lot about my life with Mylah and her diabetes, how the Mylah Medical Foundation started, my career rescuing dogs and marketing dog charities and rescues. Below is an excerpt. Click here for the interview!

“Social media for rescues and nonprofits it is so important. One of the biggest messages I teach is that it all comes back to you. You have to leverage your interest. People want to relate to other people. You have to show the good bad and the ugly and people want to help. If you have the passion for it and you can showcase it, social media is an amazing tool.”

DIY Dog Mom, Alicia Boemi, has a vast knowledge and scope on so many things dog. Tune in to hear more about her diabetic dog. how she deals with it and how it was the springboard for Mylah Medical Foundation. Click here!


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