Raw Milk for Dogs🥛has a lot of benefits (listed below) but it should be noted that not all dogs can tolerate raw milk for various reasons. I see a lot of people in groups say, ‘give raw goat or cow’s milk for xyz issue’ – while well-intentioned, raw milk isn’t always going to work well for particular dogs.

Dogs who cannot tolerate additional fat in their diet or have an allergy or sensitivity to dairy won’t benefit from raw milk, it could even do harm. Dogs can also be lactose intolerant, however, studies have shown that those with lactose intolerance have been able to consume raw milk. As with any food, it really comes down to the individual dog in front of you.

I’m grateful we have a local farm nearby that offers raw milk for purchase so I stock up for the dogs! Most of my dogs tolerate milk well. I typically do not feed it to Hudson (who has food sensitives) because he doesn’t seem to do that well with raw dairy.

Benefits of Raw Goat or Cow’s Milk for Dogs:
-An abundance of vitamins and minerals that are not destroyed by pasteurization

-Enzymes are present which aid in overall absorption and digestion

-Immune system boosting because of the beneficial bacteria raw milk contains which contributes to improving or maintaining a healthy gut system

-It contains beneficial amino acids like glutathione and cysteine that can contribute to oxidative destruction. My post on Oxidative Stress in my Dogly community shares more about reducing oxidative stress in the body

-Local farmers who sell raw milk are raising happy, grass-fed cows who spend their days in a pasture. When I picked up milk yesterday I could say hi and thank you to the sweet cows providing for my dogs

-For more info on raw milk benefits visit realmilk.com

If you don’t have access to raw milk from a local farm, Answers Pet Food carries goat and cow milk that is fabulous!