Open to healthy adult and senior dogs (1 year+) with no food intolerances or pickiness

Rules of the Club

  • Can be raw or cooked recipes or combo recipes – you choose monthly
  • Dogs and humans must be ok with feeding a carbohydrate
  • Dogs must be ok with all proteins, carbs, veggies, and fruits
  • Humans and dogs cannot be picky about ingredients
  • Supplements will vary and might change from recipe to recipe
  • Adult dogs must be over one-year-old and finished growing
  • Senior dogs are 8+ years-old
  • Dogs must not have ANY food intolerances or special needs
  • Cancel anytime if it’s not working out for you or your dog
  • Questions? Email

Club Perks

  • Nutritionally balanced recipes delivered to your inbox every month customized for your dog – at a discount, $25 off!
  • You receive…
    • Batch Preparation Instructions
    • Cooking Instructions (unless raw)
    • Transition Plan
    • Safe Handling Guide
  • Each Recipe Includes…
    • Nutritional Analysis
    • Shopping List
    • Follow up Support