This beauty named Corrine is available for adoption through Players for Pits in the Chicagoland area! Learn more about her below.

About Corrine: Corrine was rescued from Chicago Animal Care & Control and currently lives in a foster home. Corrine is about 3-4 years old and is loving life outside the shelter. She had multiple ear infections and has trouble hearing because of the damage done to her ears before she was rescued. Corrine is potty trained and her foster mom works all day. She lounges in bed waiting for her foster to come home!

Corrine Likes: People, car rides, puppachinos from Starbucks and relaxing outside on patios or in a backyard. Corrine also loves learning new commands and is picking up sign language quickly.

Corrine’s Ideal Home: Is filled with adults who love her and let her lounge all day long. Corrine is not fond of dogs and wants to be the only dog in her home.

Corrine wants you to know…

“I could lick your face all day if you let me. I love everyone I meet, even guys with beards! I love that when I lick their face they always laugh. I can’t always hear the laugh but I love the way it looks and it makes me happy to make them happy.”

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