This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine and I only work with companies whose products my dogs and I actually use. 

I was introduced to Pawscout a few weeks ago and have been loving this interactive app that allows me to connect with my dog’s whereabouts from wherever I am. I’m also able to keep track of walks we take and notify the app and people in the area if one of my dogs gets lost. If one of them did get lost and is wearing the Pawscout tag, I can track and see where they are to easily find them. Thankfully, I have never been in that situation with a lost pet but it is my worst fear. Having each of my dogs wear their own Pawscout tag that is connected to my phone gives me extra peace of mind in case anything were to happen. That security alone is enough for me to want a Pawscout tag for each of my dogs but the tag also comes with more awesome benefits I talk about below.

The tag and app are really easy to pair together. The app takes you step by step through how to pair your dog’s tag. For multiple dogs, you have to pair each tag individually and make sure the other tags are moved away from the one you are pairing. Once you are all setup you can start tracking walks and what not. If you have a large backyard this is a great way to keep an eye on your dog and make sure he or she doesn’t go out of the range parameters you set within the app. The Pawscout tag is only $19.95 with NO monthly fees and a custom nameplate is $9.95.

The weather hasn’t been so great around here so I am looking forward to tracking more walks with Izzy and achieving some miles walking together this spring! It’s a great way to keep you and your dog’s fitness goals in mind with the walk tracking. The Pawscout tag comes with a ring to attach to your dog’s collar at the metal piece with other tags, or use the plastic piece Pawscout gives you to attach the tag to the threads of your dog’s collar. I just attached the Pawscout tag to the metal ring on my dog’s collars.

I love having the ability to also add that Mylah is a diabetic in her dog profile in the app. If she ever was lost that is super important for whoever finds her to know she is a diabetic and needs special attention.

Last great thing about the Pawscout tag is that you can customize each tag with a nameplate that includes important info about your dog AND they have super cute colorful options for each nameplate. Click here to order your pet tag and nameplate now!


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