I have to admit, I’m fairly nervous about this post because I haven’t ever had to fully put myself out there like I am with The Pet Pro Society. I’ve always been the one working behind the scenes, and I’ve been completely fine with it. Actually, I was totally comfortable with it. Even my blog, The DIY Dog Mom is focused on my dogs, not necessarily me.

Early on in my career in the pet industry, mainly working with dogs, I was hired in leadership positions to build new non-profits, businesses or programs from the ground up. I’ve held titles like Executive Director, Director of Membership Development, Marketing Manager, Consultant and so on. And as much as you think these positions would be at the forefront of what I was doing, they weren’t like what I’m doing now. I was working for someone or something else. It was never 100% my vision, blood sweat, and tears. Sure, I worked my butt off in these roles (sweated and cried too), built some great things, but I was still working behind the scenes.

So taking a leap of faith and investing myself 100% in an idea that is completely mine, centered around my abilities is… a little scary. Not because I am not confident I can’t help others or the information I am providing isn’t awesome (because it is). It’s just that if you know me personally, you know I’m an introvert and not a huge risk taker. Like every other entrepreneur I’ve met, listened to or watched, failure is always in the back of our minds.

All that aside, every morning I wake up I am so excited to get to work on my blog, shop and now, The Pet Pro Society. I have been putting off starting something like this because the timing was never right but now, the timing is just perfect. I’m at the point where I can take all my career experiences, knowledge and use my Master’s Degree in Leadership to help other people break into the pet industry or grow your current business, and take that leap of faith like I did. 

Do I wish I would have started this sooner? Yes, and no. I have a lot of amazing knowledge in marketing, social media, branding and project and program development because I worked for others for so long. And I’m ready to put myself out there via videos, classes, e-courses and more. I revamped the Pet Pro Society page, made a video for you to listen to WHY the pet industry is such an amazing place to start or grow your business. I’ve also created resources to help you get started. I’ll also be constantly adding and updating information so be sure to join by entering your email address on the Pet Pro Society page.

Watch the video to learn more about exactly why I started The Pet Pro Society and how you can take your own slightly intimidating, but amazing leap of faith, or reach further in your current business all while working for yourself doing what you are passionate about.



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