“You shouldn’t feel bad about the choices you’re making for your dog… but who you take advice from or learn from really matters.” -Cory from Dogly

Mom and daughter duo Cory and Jane are the brains behind Dogly.com, a place where dog-people can shop for natural products and learn from hand-selected experts in their Advocate Communities. They wanted to create a place online where dog parents can go for trustworthy information from people who have the credentials to give this type of advice. The Advocate Communities have experts in dog training, nutrition, wellness, holistic veterinarians, and more!

As social media becomes more and more toxic (in my opinion), I really appreciate everything Dogly offers to dog parents. In this podcast episode, Cory and I chat about bad info being spread on the internet and in Facebook groups, and how Dogly eliminates the spread of misinformation. Learn more about Dogly and all it offers in this podcast episode!

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