Bree is a rescue dog whose rescue group was at a loss for how to improve her issues being underweight and having allergy issues. She had gotten the Hemopet Nutriscan done but the rescue was having trouble with interpreting it and finding the right food. I was able to find a diet that worked for her sensitivities and suggested appropriate supplements to further give Bree the balance she needed within her body through the right fatty acids and vitamins.

“Adoptable Bree had been struggling with allergies since she left the city shelter and had only minimal success working with vets to figure out her skin and weight issues. Her skin was flaky with patches of fur missing, and she was underweight no matter how much food she ate. We contacted Alicia in June to ask for help creating a plan for Bree. After assessing her medical records and physical condition, Alicia recommended several supplements and certain foods and we began giving them to Bree right away. It only took a few weeks to notice a difference, and a few months to see a totally different dog! Her skin is shiny and she is the chunky little pocket pittie she was meant to be. You can tell she is much happier and more comfortable now too. Thank you Alicia!”

>>Bree needs a home! She is available through adoption in the Chicagoland area! Check out her bio here!<<