“In July 2019, Chuck, an adult male beagle, was surrendered to CACC by his previous owners because they could not manage his severe allergies. With patches of fur missing and bloody scabs all over his body from scratching, I agreed to foster Chuck through Fetching Tails Foundation to try to get him in a better place both physically and emotionally. In order to do this I was directed to Alicia (who I got the pleasure to work with before for my other dog when he became diabetic) and was very fortunate again to get her insight, knowledge, and advice on what to do to help Chuck moving forward. First things first he underwent allergy testing and majority of the list lit up RED! This made me nervous as I thought it would be very challenging to get him back to good health. However, with Alicia’s guidance we were able to take on the challenge. Right away she found a different food for him to be on which was a great first step. Aside from that she also recommended certain probiotics, supplements, weekly medicated baths, and other things to help this poor guys skin. Alicia stuck with me every step of the way and today Chuck is a happy, healthy, energetic boy with so much love to offer to everyone he meets! Needless to say, I was a foster failure! There is no denying that he looks and feels SO much better – but we could not have gotten to this point without Alicia. Chuck and I are both forever grateful and appreciative for her, her knowledge, and her passion for rescue dogs in general! Thank you Alicia!” -Kristy M