Nero, male, 11 year old diabetic pug

Nero’s owner came to me after she had been struggling with regulating Nero’s blood glucose levels. The diets she had tried made Nero’s levels spike and she was constantly dealing with the effects of high blood glucose. The diet I formulated for Nero is a home cooked, complete and balanced diet containing an appropriate amount of dietary fiber that assists in controlling his blood sugar levels. It is also lower in fat so it does not tax the pancreas. On previous diets Nero’s owner reported that he had loose or inconsistent stools. After a few weeks on this diet Nero is doing wonderful and the owner reports stable blood sugar levels and his stool has been perfect!

“I stumbled upon Alicia’s website in search of a diet for my 10-year-old blind, diabetic pug.  I had literally tried every high-end food product for dogs out there from Orijen dry kibble to Small Batch raw turkey sliders. He was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago and it had literally been a huge struggle trying to regulate his sugar. The veterinarian insisted that changing the food is not necessary and I should stick to a prescription vet diet even though it does not work.  I honestly felt that it didn’t make any sense and decided to do some research on the internet to see what others with similar issues were feeding their dogs.  That’s how I came across Alicia’s site.  Alicia was so wonderful and put together an easy to follow diet recipe, with clear instructions on where to find the ingredients and how to transition Nero.  It has been a few months now and Nero is doing very well! His sugar is stable and he absolutely loves his food. He never has any bowel issues and his stool is always perfect!! We can’t thank Alicia enough for being so caring and thorough with her services. Thank you so much!! You literally saved Nero’s life!”