This post is sponsored by Radisson RED but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Izzy and I are excited to partner with Radisson RED hotels that let you travel with your adventure dog in total style and comfort. Each dog gets its own kit with everything from a Fatboy Doggielounge to an adorable bandana! You can also win a Fatboy Doggielounge from Radisson RED, here! Make sure to enter the contest before it ends on February 24th.

Since Izzy is an avid adventure, road trip, and travel dog, I thought it’d be fun to showcase some of our favorite photos from Izzy’s Adventures in 2016.

Let’s start with our adventure to frozen Lake Geneva, WI in February 2016. This was the first time Izzy ever experienced being on a frozen lake she normally swims in. At first, she was definitely confused but then got so excited that she could run around with us.

Travel tip in winter: Dogs can get cold just like us, so we limited Izzy’s exposure to the cold by taking her out for 15-20 minutes at a time. Dogs can also get frostbite so making sure you have a car, hotel (like Radisson RED) to go back and warm up in is key when traveling in the winter with your dog.

Fast forward to warm weather and a road trip to Missouri where Izzy visited Table Rock Lake. She swam, romped and played with her favorite humans and got spoiled for being the only dog around.

Travel tip around water:  Even if your dog doesn’t like to swim but will be around water, put a life jacket on him or her. In case your dog falls in or gets spooked and goes in the water, it is better to be prepared. Izzy LOVES swimming and is very good at it but safety comes first so she always wears a life jacket.

Izzy also got to stop in St. Louis and see The Arch while we drove from Chicago to MO!

To end Izzy’s summer after multiple additional trips to Wisconsin and swims in the lake, she also got to be the only dog invited to Wonder Lake, IL, for a friend’s birthday. This time Izzy had a pool and lake all to herself! She swam, ran and went kayaking with us. Izzy LOVES kayaking and we even bought a kayak so she could fit in safely with us.

Fall came around and Izzy brought her sister Mylah to Indiana for another friend’s birthday. Izzy got to explore downtown Indianapolis and loved it! Indianapolis is so dog friendly – restaurants, shops and more welcome dogs!

Izzy’s winter road trip and first of 2017 was when she accompanied me to transport a rescue dog to Indiana so the dog could be adopted to a loving family! Izzy was a pro at this and was such a great co-pilot. We stopped in a corn field to grab some photos!

We can’t wait for summer and all the fun road trips it will bring! We also can’t wait to stay at a Radisson RED so Izzy can be treated like a queen! Let us know your favorite place to travel with your dog! 🙂 And be sure to enter the contest, here!