It has turned into fall in Chicago which means cooler temps and rain, less time outside, and some of our ‘do it yourself’ activities change, like bath time. Giving the dogs a bath outside using the hose, or wiping them down in the bathtub and drying them outside, naturally changes because of the fall and winter weather.

Taking the DIY route and bathing your dog inside during fall and winter can be a giant mess, but I prefer to give my dogs a bath vs. having someone else do it .All Paws Pet Wash has the perfect solution for the DIY dog mom that wants to give a good quality bath to their dog without the disaster it can cause in the house. It’s the perfect combination of ‘do it yourself’ and convenience. The self serve pet wash stations are located across the United States and most are open 24/7.

Izzy and Hudson were due for nice long bath and so I brought them with me to check out the All Paws Pet Wash closest to me. The pet wash is big enough for 2-3 large dogs and a person to be inside the entire time. Once inside, we could lock the door so Izzy and Hudson could roam around freely. When it came time to bathing them I did use some of the leash tie ups to keep them in one spot.

For $10 you receive 12 minutes of wash time and access to use the hose for warm water, shampoo, conditioner and the dryer. The hose is awesome because the shampoo and conditioner automatically flow out of it with the water when you press the shampoo or conditioner buttons. All the instructions are clearly marked on the wall and you use the control panel to select which feature you want to use. You can also bring your own products to use to wash your pups but it isn’t necessary.

There is a tub you can use, or for the bigger dogs, you can bathe them right on the floor. It didn’t get slippery because the floor slants so all the water and soap drains quickly. It’s also temperature controlled and there is a nice sliding glass door with a fence behind it in case you need fresh air. Since it was a cool day when we went it was nice to have warm water and a warm room to bathe them in.
Drying them was soooo easy using the big dryer and vacuum they had too. A lot of people use the vacuum on their dogs because it sucks up any excess hair that has shed during the bathing process. We took some video so be sure to check it out below!

To find an All Paws Pet Wash near you, click here for their find a pet wash site!

I’m also giving away a free pet wash for one dog! Find your closest All Paws Pet Wash and enter below to win! Contest ends at midnight on October 17th. All Paws Pet Wash is providing the prize to the winner. Open to US residents. GIVEAWAY CLOSED! CONGRATS TANYA ON WINNING!

This post is sponsored by All Paws Pet Wash, I was compensated for writing an honest review of their company. The DIY Dog Mom only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers and only partners with companies who have integrity and similar beliefs for their pets.
After you take your dog for a bath at All Paws Pet Wash, make some Paw Scrub for them with my easy recipe! Click here!

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