We all want to start the new year on the right foot (or paw), and healthy eating is a typical new year’s goal. So, it’s only fair to consider a healthy eating goal for your canine kids too, which should include healthy supplements.


There are so many benefits to Omega 3 Fatty Acids including immune boosting, coat health, eye health, heart health, cancer prevention and more. According to Dr. Fosters and Smiths, “Animals can produce some of the fatty acids they need, but not all of them. Those fatty acids which they can not produce themselves, but must be obtained through their diet, are called ‘essential’ fatty acids.” Therefore, including Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplements in your dogs diet is a great way to round out their diets and provide them with much needed essentials to boost their health. It is always best to consult with your veterinarian on dosing and type of Omega 3’s to use for your particular dog.


In our house, we use the following based on my veterinarian’s recommendations: 

-Coconut oil
-Flax seed oil
-Canine Omega Benefits


If you aren’t scheduled to see your veterinarian soon, start with some coconut oil. Give your dog’s stomach the opportunity to adjust to a new supplement. Start with small doses and use one Omega 3 at a time in the beginning so you don’t overwhelm your dogs digestive system.


In the beginning…
-¼ teaspoon per day for small dogs and puppies.
-1 teaspoon for large dogs, or even just a dab if your dog’s stomach is sensitive.
After you’ve let their body get used to it (over 2 to 3 weeks time), typical dosage is…
-About 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight daily
-Or about 1 tablespoon per 30 pounds


Now what better way to give your dog healthy Omega 3’s than in a delicious turkey pumpkin treat! Recipe below.

What You’ll Need
-1 package of ground turkey
-1-2 cans of pumpkin puree (I used 2 cans for 3 dogs)
-Foil cupcake cups
-Omega 3 Fatty Acids


1. Cook up the ground turkey in a pan – try not to overcook it. I used 1tsp of coconut oil to cook the turkey in.
2. Pour cans of pumpkin in a mixing dish or bowl and add the turkey in. Mix it all together!
3. Place the turkey/pumpkin mixture in the cupcake cups.
4. Add your Omega 3’s by adding on top!
5. Freeze for a couple hours.
6. Let your dog enjoy!

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