I want to start doing shorter tip based podcast episodes in between longer interviews or solo episodes. So! Here is the first tip on using herbal oils with dogs. These herbal oil medicines (as they’re traditionally called) are something I have really enjoyed using and experimenting with over the last year. My dogs have loved having them rubbed on their paws or used as a carrier oil for essential oils during a massage or aromatherapy session. Herbal oils are totally safe for dogs and carry a light scent. Learn more about why and how I use them. You can even make them yourself! I currently sell a few herbal oils in my shop at shop.holisticpetwellness.co

Here’s one of the herbal oils I currently sell in my shop, Chamomile, Rose + Lavender Oil. Herbal oils can be used as a carrier oil with neat essential oils or used on its own. They are great for massaging on your dog’s body or to help dry skin. This herbal oil is safe for minor scrapes and wounds. Now with the option to add organic CBD!

Chamomile benefits: anti-anxiety, digestive support (topically), wound care, calming skin conditions. 

Lavender benefits: calming, skincare, anti-inflammatory

Rose benefits: love enhancing, skincare, relaxation

Olive oil benefits: softens skin, aids replenishing dry skin, is absorbed easily into the skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and can soothe minor burns and irritated skin.