As miserable as winter can be, sometimes you just have to embrace it. Considering how weird of a winter we’ve had in the Chicagoland area, we have not exactly embraced it either. Our kiddos haven’t really had a full-on fun ‘snow day’.

Luckily this weekend we went to our favorite place, and my second home, Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and it snowed – and a good fluffy snow!

The kiddos had never seen the lake frozen over. Naturally they were excited to be up there, but I wasn’t sure what they would think of a frozen lake they’re used to swimming in. Izzy had an awesome time on the lake- she love, love, loved it. The other two were a bit confused, but overall had a good time. We didn’t keep them out for too long considering the high was a whopping 15 degrees!

All in all, they were exhausted from the mental stimulation of it, which meant we could enjoy some bloody mary’s and the ice bar up there. When we head back up to the lake in April I’ll share my tips for traveling with your dogs. I like to think we’ve mastered it at this point… except I forgot my toothbrush this time 😉