This is a sponsored post by Primalvore. I only partner with companies I believe in, trust, and whose products I use for my own dogs.

Everyone has heard me talk about bone broth by now and why I love to feed it to my dogs. I have even posted some DIY recipes to make your own. I’ve never listed out every benefit in detail and thought this would be the perfect time to do that!

Before I go into the 8 benefits, I want to let you know that I had the pleasure of meeting with Primalvore at the Global Pet Expo before we entered into a formal partnership. I wanted to meet the founders, ask questions about sourcing and ingredients and of course, let Izzy try some of the broth. Primalvore’s bone broth is amazing and I was very impressed by the company’s standards for a truly organic product sourced in the USA.  The beef and chicken broths give all the amazing health benefits of bone broth in a package that is so easy for those who don’t want to spend time making bone broth.

Benefits of Primalvore’s Bone Broth

1. Organic ingredients – I mean, need I say more on this? You are what you eat and the same goes for what our dogs eat. If we feed them factory farmed meat where an animal was mistreated and given antibiotics and other drugs, our dogs will absorb the bad from that meat. By feeding organic you are taking any of that risk away.

2. Animals used for the bone broth are grass-fed. The best of the best! Organic and grass-fed is such a win in terms of the nutrients your dog receives from this broth.

3. Collagen and turmeric are added to support joints, skin and fur, decrease inflammation and boost your dog’s overall immune system.

4. Collagen peptides for dogs are super beneficial for their skin. Humans use collagen peptides to improve their skin, hair and nails. The same goes for dogs. If you have a complicated EPI, IBD or diabetic dog like my Mylah, collagen peptides are super helpful to give her body the added nutrients she needs to help keep her coat and skin healthy.

5. Great for all life stages of a dog. Puppies, adults and senior dogs can benefit from this bone broth because it offers a wide range of nutrients that are key for each life stage.

6. BPA-free packaging. The packaging is some of the best and easiest I have ever seen! After opening you put the cap back on and pop it in the fridge. So simple and no messes.

8 Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

1. Supports digestion – Healthy gut = healthy dog. Bone broth contains gut healing properties of gelatin plus the amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine which help heal and support any gut issues. If your dog is having digestive upset start them on bone broth right away.

2. Helps build a strong immune system – The amino acids I mentioned above also help boost the overall immune system. Because over 70% of a dog’s immune system is located in their gut, it makes sense that healing any gut issues, and supporting the gut with bone broth, would improve the immune system overall.

3. Great for the liver – The amino acid glycine is present in bone broth and does wonders to detox the liver. The liver holds all sorts of toxins, and flushing your dog’s liver just by your dog consuming bone broth can greatly improve overall health and liver function.

4. Supportive nutrients for dogs with allergies and other ailments – Bone broth is super anti-inflammatory and with Primalvore’s addition of turmeric, their bone broth packs a powerful punch in terms of reducing inflammation from allergies, IBD and other gut inflammation, arthritis, diabetic nerve pain and more.

5. Fabulous for joint support – Along with inflammation benefits that bone broth brings to help support joints, the amount of calcium, protein, magnesium and phosphorus that are present in bone broth aids in joint and muscle support. And remember, Primalvore boosts their broth with collagen peptides.

6. Improves hydration – Bone broth also contains electrolytes which improves overall hydration. If you ever go on a long hike, bring some bone broth for supercharging hydration for you and your dog!

7. Filled with vitamins and minerals – Here are just some of the vitamins and minerals found in bone broth (all of which are critical to our dog’s overall health): calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, boron (helps relieve arthritis), iron, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, and the B vitamins.

8. Aids in healing a dog who is sick with kennel cough, the flu, etc. – Whenever humans are sick we run for broth and soup because it does help alleviate cold and flu symptoms while boosting the immune system. Well, same goes for dogs! I remember asking my holistic vet about her treatment plan for dogs who got the awful Chicago canine flu – the first thing she said was bone broth!

Pictured in Izzy’s raw meal (shown above) is the Primalvore chicken broth with a whole dressed quail, green beef tripe, beef organ (liver, kidney, pancreas), sardines, fermented veggies and some grass-fed butter.

So what did my dogs think of Primalvore’s bone broth? Five stars all around! Hudson loved the beef bone broth and beef is a neutral protein in TCM so this didn’t cause him any skin irritations. Mylah loved both bone broths and given all her health issues this bone broth is so good for her. I can’t speak enough to how important it is for her to receive the collagen peptides! Izzy favored the chicken broth and I could see freezing the broth into a silicone mold,later on, to make treats for them! Jayne devoured both! Given the leg issues she is having and being a growing puppy, Primalvore’s broth is also perfect for her nutritional needs. I urge you to start your dog on regular bone broth feeding, order today from Primalvore!


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