Canine Nutrition, Recipes, Bodywork & Massage, Aromatherapy & Herbs

Helping pet parents be proactive in their dog’s health journey


Specializing in helping diabetic and adult + senior dogs!



Whol-istic Services Available


  • Custom Diet Formulation
  • Stress/Sensitivity Scans
  • Commercial Diet Consults
  • General Coaching


  • Myo-functional Massage
  • Animal AromaPressure™
  • Acupressure
  • Gua Sha & Light Therapy


  • Custom Blend Formulation
  • Clinical Use
  • Products



  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Coaching + Support for Diabetic Dog Parents


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Welcome, I’m Alicia!

I help pet parents feed and take care of their dogs holistically, ultimately growing their bond, reducing stress, and giving pet parent and dog a happy and healthy life together. 

I’ve been working with dogs for over ten years and have been dedicated to learning everything I can about being a proactive pet parent and sharing it with others.

I specialize in services for diabetic dogs, seniors & proactive dog care-

  • Nutrition counseling and custom recipe formulation
  • Custom aromatherapy products and counseling for use with a specific medical condition
  • Canine bodywork and massage services
  • Reiki, one-on-one coaching, and guidance

“My foster dog had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t have tons of experience on this condition and was redirected to Alicia for advice and support. She talked me through everything and provided me a great amount of knowledge and help with his diet! I am very grateful for her coaching me through this and I feel my foster’s health has benefited greatly. In fact, now that his diabetes is under control we are adopting him laughing” 

-Krissy & Popeye

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